How do you know if you'll make it?

  1. I'm a second career nurse who just got hired at my local, middle sized hospital. I never got an interview for their RN residency program but got hired directly by the stroke/respiratory floor where I'm now working. It's a great floor with wonderful nurses and nurse manager. I feel so lucky to be there! But I'm really stressing out because I feel as if my brains and common sense just fall out of my head when I'm there. It's so frustrating! I was a really, really good nursing student but I do not seem to be making the connections between what I know and the clinical environment. I'm hoping that this is just the result of processing too many new things at once in a new job but when should I start feeling "normal" at work? I've been orienting with a mentor for about 1.5 months and I think I'll be on my own in a couple of weeks. I'm worried that there's something wrong with me!
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    I am just finishing up with school. I heard that it takes about a year or so to get use to things. The first six months I heard was really tough. I have read that a nursing support system for the first year really makes a difference. It increases the success rate to 90%, see if you can find that support system for the first year.