Financial Aid Eligibility ADN vs BSN

  1. So we are eligible for financial aid up to 150% of the credit hours required for a degree. I have 100 hours at this point. I am just curious as to whether I would be able to receive aid if I went into an associate degree program, or if I would have to do a bachelor's. There is no way I will be able to pay for school without financial aid. Anyone have advice or experience??
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  3. by   bethann21
    Whoops, just found the information I needed on the local CC's website. Students are eligible for federal aid for up to 90 hours. Guess I'll be applying to the BSN programs, which is what I would like to do anyway. I do want to complete the pre-requisites and repeat A&P and Micro at the CC, then apply to a wide range of BSN programs. Guess I'll be paying for those classes and texts on my own. Thank goodness for payment plans!!