Books to keep from ASN for BSN

  1. I just passed NCLEX. Woot! 'Wondering what books to hang on to and what to sell from prerequisites and ASN Program? Suggestions??
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  3. by   Lennonninja
    I used my med/surg text book for a few papers, and my patho book for a paper once too. I needed a mix of online and in print sources, and my textbooks were only a few years old. This made it so I didn't have to leave home to write my papers
  4. by   icuRNmaggie
    I graduated in 1991. I eventually either threw out or donated all of my textbooks from my BSN program.

    I do wish I still had my copy of the Harriet Lane handbook.

    I would suggest keeping one text for sentimental value and sell the rest if the editions are still current.
  5. by   icuRNmaggie
    This is not really relevant but I wish that I had saved the papers that I wrote as an undergrad for my portfolio.