ASN to BSN to DNP vs ASN to MSN to Post MSN DNP?

  1. Im looking for some feedback on the best route to obtain a DNP. I currently have my ASN and i'm debating on doing an ASN-MSN program followed by a post msn dnp, Or ADN-BSN then BSN-DNP. There's so many options it makes it hard to decide which route...

    Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   SoCalGalRN
    I would think ADN-BSN then BSN-DNP but why do you now want basically 3 more degrees? The DNP students I know now are seriously unimpressed with their various programs of study.
  4. by   Kuriin
    I believe there are programs that have ASN-DNP. But, if a DNP is not your thing, I would honestly recommend ASN-MSN.