Any registerd nurses?

  1. Hi I'm going into my freshman year of college and I joined the CNA course at a community college...what is best to do when setting your goal into becoming a registered nurse? I need advice on wether this is a smart decision or if its a better faster way
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  3. by   morningdew
    I think it's good to get a job as a nursing assistant, and to have some exposure to the nursing profession. You should find out if your local community college has a nursing program and what the pre-requisites are. You should also do research regarding other nursing programs in the area such as hospital programs or bachelor's programs and what their requirements are. Most pre-req's include psychology, sociology, English, algebra, chemistry, anatomy and physiology etc. so you're probably good with starting with a few of those courses. If you really find you want to be a nurse, you shouldn't waste time taking courses that do not achieve this goal. You can probably do that CNA course while you take the courses required to be admitted into nursing school.

    Good luck!