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Refresher Nurse

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I am a Refresher Nurse in NC, been out of practice for 10 years.  I received my ADN in 1987 and my BSN in 1995.  During my practice I was reported to the BON in 2003 for some trumped up charges by my employer which resulted in my being required to take a course on Ethical and Legal Decision Making, which I did, and my license was probationary for 1 year.  That employer said I was discharged, however, I resigned, was not discharged.  I worked as a RN until 2008 at which time I was discharged from another nursing position.  I decided to let my license go inactive since I had had 2 back surgeries and felt like I was unable to continue with my career.  Since that time I have had minor non-nursing jobs.  My problem is now I am trying to get back into practice and I was told by HR that the 2 discharges, which in actuality is only one, are going to be detrimental in my getting employment.  At this point, I am unsure what to do.  Should I talk to the BON?

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