Reducing Colon infections?

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Anyone have any good resources/advice/ (or products /kits / bundles) that help reduce Colon surgery SSIs?

My hospital has a pretty significant problem with them (were not just bad, but very bad) and I'm trying to take some initiative to improve the problem.

Looking for anyway to simplify the process while improving outcomes. I figure somebody out there has to have a better way to do things.

Thank you so much for the help!

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My facility has done a couple of things: we've implemented ERAS for bowel surgery (there's some good articles out there about the pathway) as well as implemented a "no touch" mayo stand where we have instruments and all closure supplies. When the bowel portion is completed and we're ready to close, the instrument table is pushed to the side, everyone changes gowns/gloves, and we bring in the clean, untouched, uncontaminated bowel closure supplies.