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Recruiting adivse

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I'm having a hard time recruiting CNA's.. .any suggestions? I've tried LinkedIn and I'm getting know place. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Try looking into socioeconomic research for your area.

Where do you live? (State / County)

Average Income?

Average income for similar work?

Incentives? (even offering PTO from day one is a good incentive)


Tuition Reimbursement? (trust me, you will get quality CNAs if you offer some form of tuition reimbursement - because nursing students will gravitate to this)

Retirement investment plan? (Think: Fidelity)

It is not just about salary...

Here is how I have seen Employers change since the 1980s.

Most employers in the 1980s invested in employees as a valuable part of the company.

When we hit the 21st century, employers look at employees as dispensible commodities now.

So the most basic question to ask yourself: What can I offer new employees that make them FEEL valued?

If all an employer offers is a salary and maybe a performance bonus - see ya!

HONESTY is always key. Be clear and concise about the work load involved.

Also, what have you done to try and recruit?

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