recovery after lymph node removal?

by txsugar txsugar Member

Hello all, my sister had an axillary lymph node removed two days ago because of suspected lymphoma. She is also + for parvo virus (2 strains) which may the culprit in her elevated wbc's and lymph inflammation. Her incision is about 3 inches long.

I've talked with her about what she should and shouldn't do regarding activity, adequate fluid intake, safety precautions, etc. I've also gone over some gentle rom exercises her doc suggested for her to help with recovery.

However, I am far from an expert in this field.

Do any of you have any additional suggestions or info I can share with her during this recovery time? She goes to the doc for her results on Wednesday.

I want to help her resume her daily activities but need some input from the experts. I hope to hear from someone. :)


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