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recommendations on nursing care plan

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hi there!

I just finished my NCP on deficient fluid volume. My patient is still undergoing dehydration and corrections of electrolytes.

my teacher ask me to add recommendations.. I havent seen any examples of recommendations ( fluid volume, deficit). do you have any samples of recommendations related to volume deficit? HOw do you make one? what should I consider?

thanks !!!

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i think that what your teacher is saying is that she wants you to include more nursing interventions for your patient. these would be based upon the symptoms your patient is having as a result of their dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. some of your interventions will be to carry out the doctor's orders. here are two internet websites for the nursing diagnosis that covers dehydration. both have nursing interventions that may or may not apply to your patient.

[color=#3366ff]deficient fluid volume


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