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Recommendation letter- question

I'm applying to school for my MSN. Is it bad to ask the nursing school director for a letter of recommendation, if she works at the school I'm applying for? (I'd been employed under her at the nursing school for a short time.)

She would surely be involved with the acceptance/rejection process for applications.

Unfortunately, the school needs supervisory references, and I only have 2 (including her).

Do you think this would hurt my chances of getting accepted if I ask her?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

So since you are applying for MSN, you already have a BSN, right? if so, you can easily ask any of your BSN professors, your clinical professors, as well as anyone you worked with during your clinicals to write you a recommendation.

As far as your MSN professor to write a rec for you, I think it may be the conflict of interest. Like you said, she is also the one to decide who gets in and who does not.


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