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Recommend Bassett In Cooperstown?

I'd like to hear your experiences: good, bad, and ugly with Bassett in Cooperstown.

Thank you.

Hi there --

don't know too much about Bassett but my final semester instructor (a wonderful woman who now works with FEMA and has national awards) worked there for 10 years (left 5 yrs ago to teach) and couldn't say enough good things about it. She was a manager. don't know if that helps

I worked there briefly and was not at all impressed. They are a self insured HMO whose bottom line is only the dollar and excludes pt decisions re care ie a patient arrived post plane crash with a fractured spine not severe as a quote from the neuro surgeon the treatment course had 2 choices surgery to secure and immobilize the fracture or bed rest and time to heal the fracture, the surgery would be more costly secondary to all the hardware needed to complete it, so bed rest was chosen for the patient, the patient was not given these options the decision was made for him!!! Lucky for the patint he had a family member (From Boston) who was in the medical field and had the foresight to get the patient out of Basset. It was then that I decided I couln't work in a facility that I desparatly wanted to tell my patient to get the hell out of!!!:angryfire

I'm sorry, Empath, that you had such a poor experience! I appreciate your input.

This concerns me, of course. I was surprised since it is a magnet hospital. I would expect better patient care.

How long ago did you work there? I wonder if conditions have improved.

This is a terrific site. You can really get all the dirt from people who've been there, you know?

Palmo specializes in Psych, Correctional, LTC and Rehab.


I live in Otsego County...

I like Bassett from the point that it is quite professional for a small hosp....and it is supposedly affliated with Columbia in NYC...but the pay and the pay cap is diplorable...I am sure that Columbia is not paying like that...so to me that is not professional...

However, the staff is kind and professional...how they keep them is beyond me, tho.

Thank you, Palmo!

My husband and I have considered moving to Otsego or Delaware Counties. When you say the pay is deplorable, could you be more specific? Is that allowed here? I wonder what the pay scale is. I'd be a brand new nurse with a BSN.

How are house prices in Otsego? They seem expensive in Delaware.

Thanks for any further input you can provide.

Palmo specializes in Psych, Correctional, LTC and Rehab.


I worked there in '98 as a LPN...

I'm now working on my RN in Binghamton...

Back then I think the RN were making something like $13/hr...well under 20 by a bit, I think.

The other problem is that they have a cap...or they did...so even if you have worked there many years..you will only make so much...it's a cute little hospital, tho.

I like it better than Fox in Oneonta but those folks make better money than Bassett.

The area in general pays very poorly...so poorly that I travel back to PA in the Summer where I make more as a LPN than the RNs make up in Cooperstown....shoot, some CNAs make more down in PA than a RN in that area of NY.

I love Cooperstown, tho. and I enjoy spending the afternoon there...esp. when the tourists leave :)

I live on the other side of the county from Cooperstown...the housing is cheap but the taxes aren't.

I got my land for $15,ooo and built a cabin onto it. I have an electric cooperative so my electricity is a joke...my biggest bill has been $75...on a bad month...I like that part.

You can contact me via my e-mail if you would like to:


Kate (Palmo)

I appreciate all the "dirt," Kate!

I wonder if pay has improved now that they are a magnet hospital.

I'd worry about my husband finding suitable work. He's an electronics tech, and he doesn't make much after 14 years as it is. And that's in Northern NJ where pay tends to be high due to the cost of living. (We live in PA, Northeastern section.)

This will require more thought. Thanks so much for all of your help!


Palmo specializes in Psych, Correctional, LTC and Rehab.

Central NY is beautiful but one of the poorest in the state.

My neighbor drives an hour everyday (for years)to Cooperstown for somewhere around $12/hr. to work as a mechanic.

If he went the other direction...6 miles across the river into Chenango Cnty...we are talking about $8/hr for the same job...the tax rate is still 8.25 or something and the cost of gas can be higher...everything takes longer to drive to...this is rural living...not the good side of it.

Great place to live in the Summer...if you save up your money...:penguin:

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