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Recent Travel Nursing Contract in St.Thomas Virgin Islands : ) ???

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Has anyone been a traveler at Schneider Hospital in St. Thomas in the past year or two ? I have read some horror stories as well (dated from years back) , but have heard a change in directors and increase in travelers have made it better? Plus cant really imagine living on an island could be that bad for three months : ) I am looking into taking an assignment there in January and wanted to know if anyone had some advice about :

-Which travel company is best to work with

-The hospital itself/staff

-Living arrangements ( I have heard Sapphire beach is where a lot of travelers are but any other recommendations would be great)

-Safety on the island


I would be working in the NICU/Nursery but any kind of advice from anyone who has been recently would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much !!

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I have been there twice, last time was just over a year ago. I worked ER and Icu both. In both areas there were always many travel nurses. We often did charge rn also d/t it being mainly travel nurses. It is an experience for sure, not as many resources as most facilities in the states. The locals can be quite rude as well.

Travelers usually live in Sapphire beach condos or sapphire village condos. they both are great and makes hanging out with other travelers and commuting to work much easier. There are areas to stay away from but for the most part its fine, just stay in a group after dark. Mostly go to redhook for nightlife. Hope that helps some !

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