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Receiving the "bad pop up" and still passed their Nclex? 205 questions

Has anyone received the "bad pop up" and still passed their Nclex? I took my test on Monday 8/11/2014 maxed out at 205 questions with about an hour left of testing time. I feel it was really hard. I let the anxiety get the best of me after 85 questions. But I kept praying and keeping a positive mindset. Took a couple of deep breathes and remembered what our HESI live review teacher told us. It's not about the amount of questions. Every new question is an opportunity to get it correct and get above the passing line. I tried the PVT TRICK soon after leaving the testing sight and a few time when I got home. I didn't get the "good pop up" though. Today is the day I can purchase my quick results. Still remaining hopeful and praying for the best.


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