Receiving Navy PCS orders

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I received my first set of orders (I'm going to ODS soon) and I'm a little confused on the format. Since my recruiter had gone on to another assignment, I had to ask a person at a NRD office forward them to me. They were emailed to me, but it is one large chunk of text.

Are they usually like this or was the format changed when it was copied/pasted? I'm not sure if I need to ask for them to be mailed or picked up at a recruiting office, so I can go to ODS with the proper paperwork. Thank you for your help!



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they come like that....received mine in that weird looking format too but thats what my recruiter had as well. where ru being stationed at? ill be at Bethesda, ODS in May (by choice)...congrats on the selection BTW!



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Thank you! That's helpful, I wasn't sure how it looked normally :)

And how cool, I'll be at Bethesda too! :) I'm going to the Feb 22 ODS, and report to Bethesda beginning of April so if you have questions, I'd be glad to repay the favor!