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Reasonable Goal?

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crazylilkelly has 1 years experience and specializes in OB, Cardiac.

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I graduate this May.

Work 3 yrs @ my local hospital to get experience.

My husband will work there 2 yrs as a radtech.

Travel nurse & he will radtech for a few yrs to save enough $$ to completely buy a house??????

I think it would be such a relief to be in my early 30s & have my home completely paid off when I'm ready to go to grad school.

whatcha all think?

God bless.

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I managed to save about 2K a month as a traveller working 4 shifts a week. If I had a husband it could have been more. So, whether that's a realistic goal or not really depends on how expensive your house will be...

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I think that is an awesome goal. It's easier to do if you pay off your other debt as well. My wife and I pay for insurance and cell phones each month (around $400 a month total) the rest is ours free and clear to do whatever we want. Think about what fantastic things you can do when your check doesn't go out to payments as soon as you get it.

Also, don't forget about retirement investing as well. Good luck.

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