Really worried I could have contracted infectious disease from bronchoscopy please help

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Hi all I hope someone can help. I am a student nurse and got to see a bronchoscopy yesterday. After the procedure the nurse was dismantling the scope to send back to be sterilised and dropped two small black rubber wheels (part of the scope). I like an idiot picked up one with my bare hands not thinking , just my natural reaction when someone drops something. She told me to wash my hands straight away and I did.

Now I am terrified I could have contracted something. I read through the patients history and she had a bad bout of pneumonia a few months ago with ecoli in her sputum. Reason for the scope was there was lesions on the CT and they were unsure if it were cancer or scarring from potential TB or infectious disease. The doctor was not concerned following procedure.

I am so so worried about this and feel like an idiot. Has similar ever happened anyone? Should I be worried?

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#1: We cannot provide you medical advice

#2: You are a student nurse. Please review the part about disease transmission. Seriously...



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I'm sorry, how could you have contracted something? Did you have open cuts and wounds on your fingers?