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Realistic Wages in Chicago


If anyone out there is from Chicago, I would love to hear some realistic wages for CNA, PCT, LPN or RN. None of the hospitals I have looked online for job post the wages.

I have been out of the hospital workforce for a couple of years. I was just offered a job at a nursing home ( south suburbs) for $22.50 and hour. I have had 27 years of nursing experiance. I am not sure what hospitals are paying now. I have been working as a school nurse. If you aren't a certified school nurse the pay is very low. I am anxious to see what reponces you get. Sorry I can't help more. I am a R.N.

New grad here and working in a inner city hospital L & D. I make 20.50 base plus 2.50 NOC did and 2.00 weekend diff. Hope this helps this is about average from what I found. Suburbs pay different depending on which area and which hospital organization you are in any where from 19.00-22.80 new grad pay.

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