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readynurse.com ,what?

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I receive an email saying she hopes i had a good holiday and here's some info on jobs, it had my full name, and my personal email address, an email address i never for any reason use in relation to ANY work stuff. not an email i used with the state licensing either.

i write back n ask where she obtained my info .

she writes back and says from career builder or some other like website, which is not true.

like what, she writes me a letter and has no idea how she got my info. creepy.

here's how her email was signed. (see below)

anyone else received an email like this?

Rachel McColister | Staffing Coordinator

ReadyNurse | Division of CareerStaff Unlimited | Genesis HealthCare Company

Direct: 813.405.1778 | Ext: 1036 | Fax: 610.612.5211

Rachel.McColister@GenesisHCC.com | www.ReadyNurse.com

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amoLucia specializes in LTC.

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Recruiters are like private detectives (aka bounty hunters). They know every trick in the book 'to hunt you down and seek you out'. There could probably be a hundred or more ways to locate you in some way, shape or form.

Genesis Healthcare has a BIG presence in the healthcare industry. I checked out their website and it posted they have some '500 centers in 34 states, including short stay, LTC, specialized Alzheimer's, ortho rehab, ventilator care, dialysis and Assisted Living'. And as I remember, I believe they had divisions in professional personnel recruitment & staffing, pharmacy services, transportation, and I think, DME (?).

With today's sophistication of electronic social media and the reach of Genesis, I'm sure they were able to just 'reach out and touch'. Also, area code 813 is your LOCAL Florida; area code 610 is their Pennsylvania headquarters.

I get mail and phone calls for different things from all over the country. Have no idea where these solicitors got my name. They all just swap & sell mail lists between themselves. I've retired so I'm not getting recruitments now but I have received similar in the past, and from Genesis.

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