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Ready Set Go? "How do I find serious study partners?"

by finalee finalee (New) New

Posted a thread looking for nursing students starting Jan 2016. Yes my post may have was bland & generic, nevertheless just wanted to find study buddies early in the game.

My learning style is more interactive, so I do better in a group.

My experience is that I'm a serious returning student & don't know many jam 2016 starters. I'm 'post boring' yet eager in my pursuit 😬.

How do I find like minded people with whom to study ?

once you start your program you Can see if any of your fellow students work well studying in groups. Many students ended up studying together in my program and did well.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Where I go to RN school, it is very common for each graduating class to start a Facebook group for the class to utilize for various purposes including hooking people together to study. Ask in the nursing department as well as your fellow classmates if the graduating class you are in has a Facebook Group, Google Group, etc. Talk to your classmates face to face, and get to know them. Make friends, and things happen.