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ready for nclex

by Meesh411 Meesh411 (New) New

im taking nclex Tuesday and total freaking out I took my Kaplan predictor yesterda and scored a 66% ive been using mainly uworld since the beginning of this month after completing most of Kaplan and have been above the average in every test I take with a cumulative average of 58% and 74th percentile rank on u world is this a good indicator of passing or should I push the test back

Good luck hun! You will do just fine!

If you used UWorld you should be all set! Couple of tips:

Bring a sweater, even if you are not wearing it! Bring water, snacks (you will put it in your locker!)

Don't bring ANY electronics!! Also, they will make you turn your pants/skirt pockets upside down! I have long hair, and they made me shake my head/hair down! Lol!

Best of luck!!!! x

On edit: if you don't pass the first try, it's no big deal!!! I had to take my ECG exam with 48 hours of class/warning

If I didn't pass, I couldn't start work!

You will be just fine!!! Cheers!!! x

Ahh thanks you!! I'm so so nervous just want this all to be over already I have never experienced so much anxiety in my life!! Thank you for your help :)