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Readiness for Enhanced Spiritual Well-Being Nursing Diagnosis?

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I'm putting together my nursing process paper, and for my psychosocial nursing diagnosis, the one that really seems to apply is 'readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being'. When I'm writing out that sort of diagnosis though, I leave out "related to", but just keep "as evidenced by"; am I correct? Thanks for your help! I'm really hoping to nail this paper!

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You are correct. For health-promotion (wellness) diagnoses are 2-part nursing diagnoses. They have the nursing diagnosis label and the defining characteristics (as evidenced by).

For future reference,

For risk diagnoses, they only have the nursing diagnosis label. There is no defining characteristics and related factors available because there are no problems yet, but they are likely to develop.

Other nursing diagnostic statements have the nursing diagnosis label, related to factors, and defining characteristics.

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