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RE: St. Luke's Medical Center

Good Day!

I would like to start this thread in the hopes of gathering objective observations on St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City :)

Perhaps our colleagues who have worked/are working in St. Luke's can share their insights on the working conditions, in-house training and over-all nursing practice present in that institution.

Like, say, how often does the Division of Nursing provide continuing education and what sort are these, or how has the nursing practice been changed since they got JCI-accredited in 2003 [in terms of the method of nursing care delivery/documentation formats/protocol etc.]?

Also...for those who have entered the SET/NSET or Staff Effectiveness Training program - perhaps you can share your experiences as well? :)

I hope that any observations placed here will remain objective and will not violate any confidentiality clauses St. Luke's has in place.

Thank you very much :) All replies are truly appreciated. :)

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