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Hi suzanne I know I'm in the wrong thread again,but this is the only way I know how to reach you. I only have 11 days tile I take my nclex. I wish i would have heard about your plan six weeks prior but I didn't. So I was wondering if you had any tips that would help me, with only 11 days left. Now I do have the Davis Nclex review book. I finished all the test in it. And now I'm just taking the practice test from the cd that came with it. Any suggestions will be grately appreciated

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Unfortunately, there is not anything that I can do to help you with that short of a prep time. I do not believe in cramming for that exam, I have found that consistency works the best. That is why my program takes a full six weeks to complete after the review is done. Consistency is the key with preparing and passing.

It took me a long time to get my plan to where it is today, and it has the best results because of the way it is set up.

If you do not feel ready, I would suggest that you delay your exam. That choice is up to you. I do not know anything about the book that you are using.

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