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Re Entry to Nursing Field


I am a RN and have not practiced my profession for about 8 years now. I am wondering on how I can get back to the profession. I just filed for renewal of my license today and I will get the new ID next week. I want to practice the profesion again, Im not confident that I have the best skill now after years of being dormant in the Nursing world.

I would like to know how or where should I start with this endeavor. :)

Thank you so much!

Hi! Have you tried going for a Nursing Refresher course? That should be of big help. Check with the Nursing Schools if they are offering. If you have extra budget, go for courses that can keep you back in shape and be certified, like IV therapy, ACLS, BCLS, dysrhythmia/EKG, Nursing Pharmacology,etc. Have you tried reviewing NCLEX course books? That should keep your nursing knowledge/skills sharp. Hope that helps.