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Re: Enrolled Nurse vs. Endorsed Enrolled Nurse

by Jprime_69 Jprime_69 (New) New

hey i know know this question probably has been asked many times but i'm an SVN/SPN (student vocational/practical nurse) here in los angeles. i really really want to work in Australia after I graduate. How exactly do i do this??? HELP!!! plz...? :(

I would check out the immigration requirements, you are going to find it quite difficult to get a visa to work in any other country with only one year of training. You cannot even get a job in Canada and get a visa to be able to work there.

There are many requirements for licensure down under and you are going to see most related to going there as an RN; same as with most other foreign countries, they all require the RN for immigration purposes.

Please have a good read on this forum and any questions having to do with immigration and/or licensure need to be placed on this forum, not the sub-forums.

Thanks for your understanding on this.

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