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re-enroll as undergrad?

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I have a question -

Seems like it's a little harder to get into the second degree accelerated degree programs - couldn't you just re-enroll as an undergrad and then go for your BSN? seems like it would take more time (and money probably as well) but it's feasible, right?

thought someone out there may have some insights on this idea...


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My nrsg school required one to be enrolled in the school before applying to the nrsg program. I already had a bachelor's degree. So I applied to the school as a prenrsg major, was accepted, then applied to the nrsg school and was accepted. There were some classes I had to take other than nrsg. I decided on a minor and took those classes besides nrsg also. To me, getting the minor, made the second go around a little more sensible. Back then, they didn't have accelerated BSNs.

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