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3rd Job interview and waiting (again). What should I do?

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3 weeks ago, I had another job interview at where I work at. I am currently waiting for a transfer.

Where I interviewed at was actually a Cardiac Cath lab as a Surgical Nursing Assistant. The interview was fast, but went well in my opinion.

Then one of the nurses showed me around and it seems like a really nice facility that I could be working at. And the staff was friendly. After, the boss gave me his business card and I went on my way.

Then I find out that they called my reference, which is a really good one.

It's been over 3 weeks now and a month. What do you think is going on? DO you think they are waiting for the paperwork, or do you think they have found someone else? Should I follow up on them or should I still wait? Because I can't wait over a month. That has happened to me before and I didn't get the job. Please, I need any advice that can be given to me. Thank you.

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It never hurts to call your employer up and ask if there is still any interest in you, it shows you are still interested in the job and wondering if there is any improvement or progress on the process. 

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