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RCC Students I need help

Ok, I am stressing right now. I have 3 B's in all my science classes. Can someone please help me and tell me what classes they give you credit for from the pre reqs can you please list them. Also, do i have to take PE classes and health science now? Because after adding my points I am at a 40 with science and pre reqs, but just need to make sure which ones they use? Riverside Community college

They look heavily on Anatomy 2A/2B, and Microbiology. If you got 3 B's then you are in ok standing. All of your other pre requisite classes get you more points based upon your GPA. So if you have a 4.0 GPA in those classes then you are in really good standing. I highly suggest that you go onto the school of nursing website and call the office and make an appointment with the staff in the office and have them go over your situation. They are extremely helpful. Talk to them as soon as you can to

Help ease your mind...lol


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