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Rasmussen RN Program Length

Mataylie Mataylie (New) New

I recently attended a Nursing Info Session at Rusmussen Moorhead. I plan to start classes in July. My question is should I go for the LPN program first, and later go for RN? Or should I just go straight for their RN program. Their RN program is intriguing because they advertise that it can be finished in only 18 months! HAS ANYONE FINISHED IN THIS SHORT OF TIME/know anyone to finish in this short of time?? I was also thinking LPN first though, because I can transfer to a much cheaper school to finish the RN (which would take an additional year). Any input on how long the RN at Rasmussen takes would be awesome. Also I will NOT be working and WILL BE fully dedicated to completing as soon as possible.

I graduated from the ADN program at Rasmussen in March, the Ocala, Fl campus. It is a very expensive school. With that being said, do the RN program. It's a little longer than LPN but you will save $ and time in the long run!

I want to do the accelerated RN program in Bloomington as well, but I have read so many negative comments. I believe it is around $33,000