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Random question... Anyone get a lot of conference questions ?????

Rn4rmFL Rn4rmFL (New) New

So I passed my boards :) but I just wanted to see how many of you guys got conferences questions and a lot or a little?????? And did y'all pass with em? Are they considered higher level????

I take mine next wk, what are conference ques?

I remember getting a handful. I got a total of 120 questions with 50 select all that apply. They are considered management of care and I think maybe they would go in the topic of delegation? I don't know if they are considered higher level though. Got the good pop up so I'm pretty confident I passed :-)

Wow thank u for that! Now that makes sense! I was wondering! I passed with 76 questions but man... I had like I swear 40 something conference questions! I seriously thought I was failing! Bc I had no idea why I was getting so many conference question but now it makes sense! Thank u!

Thanks Jazzy, I was wondering the same thing!