Routine Hydration Orders

  1. Does anyone have routine hydration orders? so many patients come in for procedures, and we have to hydrate them first, we call the ordering Dr. and they say use your routine hydration orders. Does anyone have some? I'd love to see a copy of them. Just looking for ideas.
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  3. by   RadRN2

    Our pre-procedure orders for angios are just IV NS at 75/hr until we know the creatinine. Our treatment for abnormal high creat's vary according to pt history, physician, etc. Our pre-myelograms are on clear liquids 12 hr prior to procedure with oral fluids highly pushed. IV fluids aren't started until after the myelo. So, we don't really have a "hydration" standing order, either. Is this for pre-angio's?
  4. by   dspring
    It is more for pre cat scan and preangio. I myself really don't feel comfortable with routinehydration orders. Hey every patient is different. Thanks for the info.