Radiology RN required in free standing outpatient center? Anyone know?

  1. I thought I read somewhere that it is going to be a law that any free standing outpatient center will be required to have an ACLS trained RN on duty whenever the center is open.

    We have a radiologist in the building at all times. We are located just next to the hospital but are a free standing building. I love my job. I try to make myself valuable by learning new things to be of help such as processing the MRI and CT paperwork on the computer for the techs to save them time. I also go over the hospital and help out in CT when we have a slow time for an hour or so. With management always looking at payroll I'm afraid I may become dispensible at some point. They had done away with the RN in the outpatient center once before but after 6 months of the techs complaining about having to go get patients, starting the IV's, DC'ing the IV's as well as doing their scans administration broke down and reinstated the need for an radiology RN, who is me. I would love to know that it will become law that a free standing outpatient center has to have an ACLS RN on the premises.
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