Perm Cath

  1. Does anyone have pre printed instructions on perm cath home care to give to their patients?
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  3. by   sunnymqt
    Does anyone dwell TPA in the permcath after insertion, prior to first use?
  4. by   dianah
    Does the vendor have any such patient education booklets? If so, you might modify them, making your own instructions for distribution at discharge. We made our own discharge instruction sheets, consulting vendor recommendations and our Interventional Radiologist for his preferences.

    We didn't instill tPA prior to first use.
  5. by   hawks5
    Our discharge instructions include statements about recovery from sedation: don't drive, no alcohol and the like. Then a section about catheter care: keep dressing d/i, if cath starts to come out-don't push back in, signs&symptoms of infection and so forth. We also have a section about site care, suture removal and our contact information for questions or concerns.
    We made the form duplicate so the patient gets a copy and there is a copy for the medical record. The dialysis centers in the community do all of the dressing changes and are reliable to report any concerns to us.
    We do not instill tPA prior to first use, nor do we pack the lines with heparin. Each port is flushed with 1,000:1 heparin.