IR inpatient vs Outpatient

  1. Hi, I have come to allnurses to submit a question that no one else can help me with besides other nurses! My question is, how does Hospital setting IR(non cath lab) nursing compare with outpatient?

    just a background on me. I am a newer nurse and have been working in the ICU for a large corporate hospital group in the D.C. Area. The outpatient setting has offered me a job. But the inpatient IR job that is affiliated with my hospital needs to have me wait 3 weeks before pursuing next steps because my year is up in September. Looking for some advice, afraid to leave big hospital for outpatient so early in career. Thoughts?
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    I have some limited experience in outpatient radiology from back before nursing school. Our outpatient IR only performed a couple of relatively simple procedures; I think that 95% of the caseload included venous ablations and port placement. You'd probably get more variety in the hospital setting, although your actual role in the procedures might not be that different (having never been an IR nurse, I have no idea). Our outpatient IR clinic had better hours than the local hospital jobs for IR nurses (no evenings, weekends, or holidays).
  4. by   BexnRN
    In the inpatient setting, you'll probably have to take call.