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Hey everybody! I would love to chat with some other rad nurses!I check this forum at least once or twice a week, and it's been kinda dead lately! WHAT'S THE DEAL?? :confused: :confused: :confused:... Read More

  1. by   frann
    Do you'll know of a good website about IR? One that explains the procedures, risks, etc. I'm trying to get everything together in my head. Just having little hard time explaining consent sometimes.
    I've been listening to coworkers and they explain it so well.
  2. by   radnurse2001
    the best website I have found is SCVIR.org (society of cadiovascular interventional radiologists) or RSNA.org
    good luck. another place to look is ARNA.net(anerican radiological nurses association)

  3. by   frann
    Hi You'll
    I'm still here.
    Been off orientation a few weeks.
    Am starting to feel comfortable.
    I'm so glad I made the change.
    Is there a IR website?
  4. by   Debbie Bibbee
    hi, I have been in radiology nursing for 21 years, the last 11 full time. Love it, but is a very demanding position. I wonder what the rest of you are doing regarding prehydration for IV contrast interventional exams. I also wanted to know where your outpatient arteriograms go prior and post exam. Thanks.
  5. by   frann
    Out arteriograms are op mostly. after they go to our little recovery area. (Only 3 beds) people usually end up in the hall.
    they are d/c later in the day. We have a nurse doing recovery
    and if they are inpt. they go back up to the floor after procedure.
  6. by   radnurse2001
    Hi there and welcome, we need more rad nurses to come here. Our prehydration is 1 liter of .9 NS over 2 hours prior to the exam, and 1 liter over 2 hours after the exam.

    Our post angiograms go to the short-stay unit after hemostasis is achieved, and stay there until discharge. If an inpatient then back to the room after hemostasis.

    Hope this helps!!!!!

    PS: Frann look at my last post LOL
  7. by   dianah
    Hi to all. New to this site, new to this thread, NOT new to Rad. Nursing. RN for 27 years, in Cath Lab or Radiology 22+ years. My, I sound old!!! Been at a county med ctr (280+ beds) for 20 years, in same Radiology Dept --- excuse me, in Medical Imaging (the department formerly known as Radiology). Have things changed over those 20+ years!!!! We now have three special procedures rooms: one dedicated to Angio/Special Procedures, one dedicated Cath Lab, one hybrid (can't do AIFs but everything else). Four full-time RNs, two part-time (PT'ers fill in for CT/diagnostics; Ft'ers cover MRI, scheduling, sp. procedures). Yes, we cover Cath Lab as well. Angio, PTAs, vascular access interventions, the usual biopsies (CT & US-guided) and drainages, PCNs, G- and J-tubes, occasional embolizations --- as well as the prn calls. We also ensure all pts having any kind of procedure are worked up properly (i.e., we try to ask all the right questions and/or have Rads ask the right questions so we have no surprises when pt arrives for procedure). No Cardiac intervention (yet). JCAHO coming in June. Good crew to work with, for the most part. Trust and love our Rads (some hair pulled out @ times . . .). What else do ya want to know????
  8. by   webdeb
    Hi...I currently work in Radiology doing transcription and I love it! I am also a registered nurse (been inactive for about 3 years d/t health reasons). There is an opening in my department for an RN. Does anyone think it would be difficult for me to transition to this type of work? I really only have experience in L&D and Mother/Baby.
  9. by   dianah
    What are the Radiology Nurses in your department responsible for/what are their duties in which modalities? Not knowing what your health probs have been, all I can ask is, can you wear a lead apron for prolonged periods of time, be on your feet a lot (standing, walking), and help transfer pts? Does your present work environment give you contact with the nurses and what they do? If not, perhaps you can arrange to follow them/one around for a few days, to get a taste of what they're doing. Each facility's Radiology dept is different, and the job requirements for the nurses vary greatly from facility to facility. If you like hands-on nursing, one-to-one patient interaction and problem-solving (!!) you just may like it.
    We require ACLS and one year of ICU or PACU or ED experience, as we assist with heart catheterizations as well as Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologic Procedures; as I said above, other depts may not require the same.
    Would you have to take call? Some are unwilling to apply for Radiology positions because of this requirement (some hospitals/imaging centers don't require RNs to take call, although with the sedation required for a lot of the Interventional Procedures, most do have an RN on call).
    If Radiology nursing is what you want to do, by all means TRY IT! I'm sure you've had your share of experience in emergencies in your previous area(s), and being a nurse, well, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!! Good luck in your decision-making. -- D
  10. by   mikijuce
    Originally posted by AZRadRN
    So good to hear from you all! Sorry I've been offline for awhile (computer problems) I was so happy to see some messages posted from other rad. nurses. I don't even know where to start about rad nursing. It definitely has its ups and downs. Right now I'm in a down phase, but I'm sure it's going to get better (this too shall pass, my mom used to say) Sometimes I get so frustrated. I'm the only rad nurse in this small hospital. Nobody to vent with when things get frustrating. My manager is a tech and knows nothing about nursing and whenever I address a problem with her it's just patronizing B.S. ("I'll look into that..")
    I get in return. On the other hand, my hours are awesome and I have a degree of autonomy that most nurses don't experience. And for the most part I work well with and respect the radiologists. I used to work in a huge county hospital in another state and things are so different here. Everybody has a bad case of "That's not how we do things here." Reminds me of my small, rural hometown (not a good thing). Too much gossip and backstabbing and unprofessional attiutudes. My husband says I take it too personally. He's probably right. No particular topic, just wanted to vent. Thanks for letting me
  11. by   mikijuce
    saw your message and I too am the only rad nurse for a 280 bed hosp. Our program is new. I would love to see any standards, p&p's that you may have. please help
  12. by   Radiology Nurse
    Hey ya'll, I just joined and I am excited to see that there is a forum just for us. I didn't even know about Radiology Nurses until I started 2 years ago. So I am interested in knowing about everything ya'll do. Leslie
  13. by   lisaloulou
    Anyone not happy in their current setting, come on out to NC! 900+ bed teaching hospital with state of the art IR dept has openings for RTs and RNs. They offer a relocation bonus and good salary ranges. Plus, there's *ME* to work with. Seriously, we need HELP!!!