Conference in Peoria, IL anyone?

  1. [font="arial"]hi everyone. like alot of you, i am in a newly created position and i am a department of one. i have many, many questions, but for now i'm just wondering if there are any other radiology nurses near me. there is an interventional radiology conference in peoria on 9/29. i'm going to attend and just wondered if anyone out there might also be going. i'm in moline, il. hope to hear from someone. cathy
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  3. by   vsbkim
    Hello ! IR conference in Sept. - is it for Rads or for nurses??
    -IR nurse from Hoffman Estates, IL
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I live near Peoria and though not in IR, know there are many in this area since I work in dialysis. Should be a good crowd. Have fun!
  5. by   pezfor2
    I thought it was for nurses, but let me double check my flyer and I'll get back to you, ok?
  6. by   pezfor2