1. Hi IR nurses!
    Just curious--who does liver chemoemolizations and have any of y'all used a radial approach? We just started the radial access where usually it was femoral. Seems patients like it better. Any hematomas? Other problems?
    Rebecca RN
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  3. by   8-ball
    We do them at Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN) but we still use femoral. Where are you at that does radial?
  4. by   Sr T
    We've done quite a few chemo embos of livers. Only once with radial approach, which was fabulous for pt, but technically more difficult. Angles are all altered. We have done numerous radial punctures for UFEs. Terrific for Pts to mobilize immediately afterwards. No haematomas.
  5. by   ronsrn
    always can be done but wondering if they are using general anesthesia or conscious sedation?
  6. by   Sr T
    We have now performed numerous SIRT procedures using radial artery approach. Usually with IV Dormicum but sometimes only local anaesthetic is sufficient.
  7. by   BexnRN
    Sorry just saw this!! I was referring to UMMC in Jackson Mississippi at the time