brain tumors

  1. does anyone have any information on using radiation to dissolve brain tumors because surgery cannot be done, how successful is it. my niece had seizures and they discovered a tumor on her frontal lobe. she is only 37 years old
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    This is question that cannot really be appropriately answered here.

    It requires knowledge of the type of tumor, knowledge of primary, met information. her health status an whether chemo will be used, etc. There are no "generic" tumors and therefore no overall answer.

    She really needs to refer to her MD/radiation oncologist/medicall oncologist
  4. by   suzanne4
    There are many treatments for brain tumors, and each patient is treated based on type of tumor, location of tumor, previous history, and symptoms.

    Without knowing specifics, and to post same is HIPAA violation of your niece's history and is not appropriate.

    Tumors can be treated by radiation, Gamma Knife, Stereotactic procedures, and surgical procedures, as well as Chemo-therapy. Only the oncologist, radiation oncologist, and neuro-surgeon involved in her care are able to give you the most thorough explanation as to what treatments would be best for her.