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? about Rad Techs VS Nuc Med Techs

by missfitness226 missfitness226 (New) New

My husband is applying to nuclear medicine school and will find out today if he got in. I've heard jobs around here are hard to find because the school is graduating more students than the turnover rate at the local hospitals... so I've been looking at other hospitals for openings..trying to plan ahead.

I have seen many Rad Tech job openings but no nuclear medicine. Are rad tech's and nuc med tech's the same??

The job description looks the same.. so I wanted to check and see.


No, It is not the same. I am a nuc med tech . I can tell you right now the job market is very tight. Where I live, there are NO job openings or it there are , there is fierce competition. I have no idea when and if this will change. Right now, things do not look good however, I keep hearing that the future of Nuc med will be in hybrid imaging like Pet/MRI, Pet/CT etc.

Rad Tech has alot more opportunity right now but starting pay is low. A rad tech starts out with an xray license. From there, you can get advanced training into Mammo, CT, MRI , Fluro or interventional .


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