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Rad onc for AGACNP student


Hi everyone,

I am scheduled to start clinical rotations for my AGACNP program this fall.My plan is to become an oncology NP and, for this reason, thought I should get some exposure as a student NP (I already have bedside experience as an oncology nurse). I have a radiation oncology NP willing to precept me for 100 hours (this semester's requirement). I was wondering if this would meet the requirement of an acute care NP - as my potential preceptor goes between inpatient and outpatient settings.

thanks for the input!

Dodongo, APRN, NP

Has 7 years experience.

Have you asked your program director?

Bumex, DNP, NP

Specializes in Assistant Professor, Nephrology, Internal Medicine. Has 10 years experience.

Yeah....ask the person that is paid to answer this. They would be the best resource.