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"Psycho Nurse" Themed Donut Shop



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Well, I have certainly felt 'Psycho' and I am a nurse. They do a great send-up, and I think it's funny. We can all take a bit of humor now and then.

I get more annoyed at all the 'nurses' in dr's' offices who do not have any nursing credentials.

P.S. When I was MUCH younger, I did a really good 'Sexy Nurse', too!

What if they were dressed as sexy psycho police officers. How would that go over with people?


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This stuff really annoys me. Not only does it discredit and sexualize our profession but it also continues to further stigmatize mental illness as mentioned by the NAMI link.

Unfortunately I doubt anything will change. I just don't see nurses display the necessary feminist-kinda-attitude and the general populous is too ignorant about nursing as a whole to really care. (Not to mention misogyny as a whole being so insidiously ingrained into our culture to the point that most people don't even notice it when they see it...)

This post is considerably more bitter than my normal posts which is not really my intention, but I haven't had the best week. I guess all I can do is boycott the business the next time I'm in the San Fran area and try to educate people when they say to me "You went to so-and-so college?...And you're a nurse...? But you're so smart...Why didn't you go to med school...?"


love the bubble wrap idea!!! :lol2:

Should someone bother to tell this joint that whites (much less caps), haven't been worn in "psych" units for quite some time. Could be wrong, but think even student nurses get a pass for their mental health rotations to wear "street clothing".

Methinks the owner of this shop have seen "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", just a few times too many.


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I'm a hardcore feminist/defender of the profession, but I think this is pretty hilarious. The owners are taking a stereotype and being ironic- I don't think anyone who goes in there expects nurses in the real world to dress/act this way. It's campy and outrageous and in my opinion...awesome. Sexy/creepy nurses? Nose and eyeball donuts? :cheers:

(But if I was going to get offended at some pop-culture nurse depiction, I'd be pretty pi$$ed at TV shows like "Mercy", where the main character makes horrible, out-of-her-scope-of-practice decisions while torn between her husband and the...wait for it....cute doctor, her best friend offs an elderly woman with ALS, and the only sane one decides she's too smart to be a nurse and goes off to medical school. Ugh.:madface: Give me eyeball donuts any day.)


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I noticed that the nurse wasn't wearing those "campy, fancy scrubs". Hmm! I also thought it was hilarious. Meco28 hit the nail on the head for me!:cheers:

I thought psycho nurse was funny. However, certain medical shows do upset me. The medical romance shows where a nurse spends her working hours not working but busy with a doctor romantically.:down:

I think it's funny!! I really don't think anyone is going to take this calander too seriously anyway... the photo for Novemeber has zombies in it!! This isn't supposed to be a real representation of nurses. I agree with the poster above about medical shows being a bigger problem. People watch these shows and really believe what they see.

Ok, I DO see the humor, but here's the reality. I've done Tele, ICU, Hospice, Home Health, and Psych (last 2 yrs.) What is sooo sad is the increase in psych pt's due to the economy...suicidal, homeless, substance abuse, violence, etc...We as a society have so many empty homes, yet not enough homes to place those that have lost everything. Waiting list's to see a Psych MD are at least 3months long with many other outpt facilities refusing to accept pt's at all due to the volume.

Sorry, no humor seen. Would we find it funny to have a "donut" without a limb because of diabetes, or cancer? My heart breaks at the number of pt's we release to Salvation Army, or ???? only to see them back, in worse condition. Living under a bridge when you once had a home, isn't funny. Patient's are "ashamed" because they have lost everything...with NO fault of their own, and wish nothing more than to die...

It should be "Psycho Society" vs "Psycho Nurse"... that's my story and I'm stick'n to it.

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I think it's funny and the people who can't take a joke need to relax a little. That shop got so much (and apparently still are getting) grief over something that brings a little humore to our profession.

Sure, I get annoyed when I see surveys touting nursing as one of the sexiest jobs just cause of the "sexy nurse" image (I never feel sexier than when I'm up to my elbows in a C. diff crap....*****!!), but what're ya gonna do?

Learn to laugh a little more and if it still bothers you after you try to find the funny in it, then just do your best to ignore it.

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I'll just agree with MECO. I'm a hard core feminist and nurse advocate, and I just can't be help but smile and shake my head at this. It is simply silly.


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I think it's just lame... and why nurse? why not doctor or why not police officer?

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If we squint our eyes really tight and grit our teeth really hard, we can all find someting wrong with everything.

Okay- let's all try it on a count of 3: 1...2...3...be negative!

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. Much of humor is based on absurdity. So, sometimes the best treatment for negative minds is percieving the world through a skewed perspective. And laughing about it.

Edgar Caycee said that fear is overcome by seeing the funny, yet ridiculous side of every situation.

And remember you hatchetmen and naysayers: Flowers grow out of some relly bad smelling stuff.