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"Charge Nurse" as a new grad


Specializes in Sub acute (ortho/rehab).

Ok folks! So after a 7 month battle of trying to find a job as a new grad, I have successfully taken a position as a "Charge Nurse" in a Convalescent hospital about an hour away from where I live. Pay sucks and although it is a SNF, I feel as if Im just a babysitter and med pusher. It is a 35 bed facility that only has a census of 12 right now so its extremely slow. I have been working there since September and was thinking i was going to try and stick it out for 6 months just to be able to put it on my resume but now I am thinking Im going to have to start looking for something else sooner. I dont want to go job to job until i land my dream job and am not sure what key points about my current nursing experience as a "charge nurse" to include. Can anyone give me some insight from say an HR or Hiring managers perspective? Much appreciated :-)