Quitting Nursing temporarily for 2-4 years


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I'm prior service Army enlisted (Medic/LPN) that got out and used Post-911 GI bill to pay for my BSN. I'm considering going back into Active Duty Army for 2-4 years in a combat arms MOS.

I've tried looking up information on how to maintain my RN license while working another job and found nothing but people complaining about how nursing sucks. Nursing is awesome, but my life goals have changed since I've found out I can't have kids. So I'm going to use what physical capability I have left and have some fun and maybe apply for Nurse corps later on.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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At the risk of you rolling your eyes at me have you looked at your state's BON website? They usually have that kind of information available. At minimum you should be able to maintain your license by keeping up with your CEs and paying your fees. There may be an "inactive" option as well.