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Quitting after 2nd week on job??

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by Onco Onco (New Member) New Member

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I recently started a new job working as an Clinic RN in a outpatient clinic. I already hate it and dread going in. I've cried twice already and I have never felt this way about a job. I regret leaving my last job so badly. There's been many red flags I won't get into cause I could go on and on. But it's just unsettling to me.

So basically my question is...if I'm still in training, am I legally required in the state of MI to give any notice before resigning? I've searched the BON website but can't seem to find the info anywhere? My fear is that the clinic would say it's abandonment? Is that even a thing for outpt?!

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It's not abandonment to quit any job, even without notice. It's abandonment to walk out in the middle of a shift, leaving patients without care.

If you're orienting, it is commendable to call it quits before wasting anyone's precious time and money. Just tell them it isn't a good fit for you.

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