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Quitting job help

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Hi, I am a new grad, graduated May 2018. I am leaving my current hospital and my hospital's system has a structured new grad residency that included 5 weeks of classes then six weeks of orientation on the floor. So I started with the system in July 2018 but was officially on the floor in August 2018 and then was on my own as a nurse in October 2018. 

I received a relocation bonus and the only mention of it in my paperwork is that I "may be required to repay all or some portion of this bonus should you voluntarily leave employment prior to satisfying the minimum period as outlined below." 

I am planning to give two weeks notice, I checked my hospital's policy and they are not required to pay out my accrued PTO when I leave. They have a cash out policy but you only get 0.90 of the whole value and you have to have a min of 96 hours after you cash out and I have 88. Is there a way to get my PTO without calling in sick these last couple of weeks before I give my notice? (My new hospital is still working on onboarding so it will be about 4 weeks before I can give notice). I am on great terms with my current employer right now. 

Also, what is a tasteful way to explain why I am leaving when I go to speak with her in person?Short story is that they lack resources, experienced nurses, and appropriate healthcare processes for safe patient care. It's a smaller hospital and my new hospital is a larger one and I'll be working near the ER, which is what I've always wanted so I'm thinking of going that angle also. 

Any advice appreciated. 

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Why are you leaving?  That would be the reason to give your employer when you put in your notice.  How they feel about it will be up to them.

I have no idea how to get your PTO.  The hospital has likely not recouped the cost of your relocation bonus and your orientation.  You may have to make some sacrifices when you leave your job inside a year.

What do you mean "working near the ER"?

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I would be beyond surprised if they choose to paid out the PTO when they have a clear written policy that they don't have to in your situation. I would check the policy and see if you are allowed be on paid PTO leave  during your two weeks notice.

I have worked at a hospital that stated you must work your notice and can not take any form of leave during the notice period. Having said that the Nursing Supervisor personally waived the rule and was on paid PTO for the last week of my "notice". As your on good terms with your hospital I would talk to your supervisor.

As for the reason for your departure I would avoid saying anything negative about the facility or their resources, it's just not a good idea regardless of how true it may be. I would go with "thank you so much for employing me, I have learned so much, I'm sad to be leaving but I have an opportunity to work in an area/ unit i've always wanted to work in".

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