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Questions about Shadyside Scool of Nursing- Pittsburgh

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I just applied for the January start date and i was wondering a few things, Some of these questions may be kind of obvious but I want to know a little more about the school, and I was told about this school from get this my CCAC adviosor last minute, so I hurried up and applied.

1. Since Shadyside has three 16 week courses are there 3 different start dates or just 2 (one in August (Fall) and one in January (Spring))

2. How many days is the school week like 3, 4, 5 days?

3. What color scrubs are we allowed to wear?

4. The tuition forgiveness?

5. Also can someone tell me a little about UPMC Mercy?

You might want to post this on the PA board to get more local attention. Good luck! :-)

Thanks, I'm kind of new to this and had no idea where to put this.