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Questions Related to Peptic Ulcer


I have some questions related to Peptic Ulcer. This is more of a personal note. I've done a bit of research with the supposed to be diet of patients with ulcer. Most books says something about High Fat, High Carbohydrate Low Protein Diet.

Only problem with this is that this diet isn't very healthy. I've thought about french-fries, burgers, but what if I don't get enough exercise to burn away the fat...plus if I do exercise I need protein.

So what are examples of good foods/diets high in fat, high in carbohydrate and low in protein? Most books discourage drinking milk for patients with PUD or Duodenal Ulcer.

Should I drink milk instead for the protein instead and go right ahead to the high-fat, high carb, low protein diet?

I really need help..

Thank you in advanced for answering!!

:redbeathe With Love!