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Questions regarding Nurse Educators

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by lyndsay1985 lyndsay1985 (New Member) New Member

lyndsay1985 works as a Lpn position in my community hospital just recentl.

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I Have a random question, I have recently graduated with my Masters in Nursing Education. Is it possible with this degree to teach courses in another discipline? such as teaching Microbiology? if it's a pre-requisite for a nursing program rather than Microbiology being included in the nursing program? or are nurse educators just specific to nurse educator programs?

Just curious,

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anabrn has 30 years experience and works as a Pediatric Home Health.

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There is typically a number of credits required in the field you are going to be teaching in. In Florida, to teach Microbiology in the Community College you are required to have 18 credits at the Master's level of education. 

Hope this helps,


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