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Questions for people in Nursing Program at Jeff State 2012

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I am trying to network with folks that are already in the Nursing Program at Jeff State in Birmingham. I start with the Summer 2012 class at the Hoover campus. What kind of money am I going to be out for the 1st term? I am rusty on my Anatomy because I took it 3 years ago. What do I need to know before class starts? Do I need to get a physical? What books are needed?


Aurelia Rye

I just got accepted to start this fall at the Jefferson campus. So, although I can't give you any advice and you are already halfway through your first semester I thought I would ask how is it going for you?

It is even more stressful than anticipated. I just found out that I am losing my job so I am a little upset on how I am going to continue with school (if I pass!) and feed my family.